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We love what we do and do only what we love. Every project is a revelation of our mind and heart. Key principle — experience and professionalism. Result — sincere design.
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  • PSD
  • RP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JS
  • PHP
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They demonstrate our diligence and persistence.
We specialized on UX/UI design and Front-end coding for websites, web services, mobile and desktop applications followed by the author’s supervision.
UX design. Сreate information architecture of project and an interaction map of it parts. Then we develop a prototype — schematic model of user interface. Prototype show functional sides, elements and instruments of interaction with user interface.
UI design. Create a graphic interface concept based on the knowledges about audience, objectives, current trends and clients preferences. We carefully works on all interface elements, colors and fonts that makes project attractive and comfortable.
Front-end coding. Convert the graphic templates into the web pages and write scripts that are responsible for animation and visualization. Thoroughly test for correct working in a browsers and devices.
Analysis of results. Upon completion of all works we analyze the results and provide author’s supervision for product on further stages of its implementation.
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RDESIGNER is a team of highend professionals with rich work experience and broad outlook.
Using all our potential we aim at creation of modern, hi-tech and working solutions.
Years of creative growth
We have been working in web for a long time. Everyone of us is a truly professional, ideas generator and innovator with more than 8 years work experience.
Implemented projects
We have developed a lot of various challenging projects. Please view the best ones in our portfolio.
Regular customers
We work with 13 regular customers, including well-known companies and brands.
We are proud to work with the following companies and brands.
Clients appreciate us because of several reasons.
From day to day the amount of these reasons is growing.
  • Work without cliches
    We try to find an individual solution for every client.
  • Keep up with the time
    We follow the latest tendencies and embed them actively.
  • Perform author’s supervision
    We look after the quality of our own work.
  • Maintain the product
    Add necessary revisions and novations during the project lifetime.
  • Interact remotely
    Work anywhere and everywhere. We are near even if you’re long away.
  • We don’t vanish
    We take any task to its logical conclusion.
  • We keep promises
    We keep promises and fulfill the contract for 100%.
  • Appreciate every moment
    Processes have been performed according to the schedule.
We divide the process of task completion into
several steps. All these steps are crucial and can’t be omitted.
  • Questionnaire
    Our acquaintance with you begins from this step. We make a lot of questions, listen to you attentively, write down and remember the answers. Future success of a project fully depends on this stage.
  • Planning
    Based on received information we make tech specification, define overall budget and terms of project realization.
  • UX design
    Design project information architecture, interaction map of its parts, develop interactive prototype.
  • UI design
    We design graphic concept of the interface, make it visually attractive and easy to use.
  • Front-end coding
    Transform graphic templates into web pages that are displayed correctly in the most popular browsers and on mobile devices.
  • Back-end coding
    Ensure the correct functioning of the client and server-based parts under the guidance of the control system.
  • Testing
    Ensure the correct work of all components, find out the errors and fix them, launch the project.
  • Maintenance
    Develop your project and improve it during the life cycle. Fix errors and bugs, make necessary adjustments, embed new opportunities.
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