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Since 2007, we’ve been helping companies and brands create and develop successful digital projects, specializing in UX/UI, product and graphic design. Key principle — experience and professionalism. Result — sincere design.
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UX/UI 02.2022
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UX/UI 07.2016
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They demonstrate our diligence and persistence.
We specialized on UX/UI design and Front-end coding for websites, web services, mobile and desktop applications followed by the author’s supervision.
User Experience We design and create the best models of user interaction with the product based on the needs of the audience and business interests. Based on the principles of accessibility, convenience and simplicity, we create optimal solutions and a positive experience for people.
User Interface We create a graphical interface concept based on a prototype, taking into account current trends and user preferences. We take care of the stylistic unity of the interface elements, select colors, fonts, draw illustrations and graphics. We do everything to make the project visually attractive and unique.
Research We conduct the necessary research for a deep understanding of the subject area with which we work: we study the market, the audience, look for insights and needs, imbue the goals and objectives of the business, build hypotheses and analyse metrics.
Testing We put our solutions to the test and check to make sure they are correct and effective. The main tools of our arsenal: UX / UI tests, A / B tests, surveys and interviews.
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RDESIGNER is a team of highend professionals with rich work experience and broad outlook.
Using all our potential we aim at creation of modern, hi-tech and working solutions.
Clients appreciate us because of several reasons.
From day to day the amount of these reasons is growing.
  • Work without cliches
    We try to find an individual solution for every client.
  • Keep up with the time
    We follow the latest tendencies and embed them actively.
  • Perform author’s supervision
    We look after the quality of our own work.
  • Maintain the product
    Add necessary revisions and novations during the project lifetime.
  • Interact remotely
    Work anywhere and everywhere. We are near even if you’re long away.
  • We don’t vanish
    We take any task to its logical conclusion.
  • We keep promises
    We keep promises and fulfill the contract for 100%.
  • Appreciate every moment
    Processes have been performed according to the schedule.
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